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Authentic Joss Cues® Shafts

Through the last 40+ years I have changed a great many parts of the Joss Cue and feel that they have all been successful in making a better playing and longer lasting cue.
For the last two years I have been conducting quite a few “on the road” tests with new types of ferrules and different ways of installing them.
When I started Joss Cues (1968) all ferrules were one-half to seven-eighths of an inch long. I have come to the conclusion that the old way may have been a better way.

All new Joss Cues will have the old original three-quarters of an inch capped ferrule. This ferrule will still be threaded on a wood tenon but will be just a bit shorter. This type of ferrule has a better hit and feel.
The shorter tenon has less of a chance to hinge over and inadvertently spin the ball. At the same time, it is very strong and will result in a longer lasting cue.



Delivery will be determined at the time of the order. Nonstandard shafts because they are a special order (size) it will be charged in full to start the order.