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Since 1968

Be sure to get the quality that you deserve.

We recommend that you get any repairs done to your Joss Cue by Us.

We stand behind our services and the repair will be done correctly from tip to bumper.

Create a letter detailing all work you would like done.
Send all cue parts you would like to have repaired.

Must include contact information: Name address phone number and email address.
Do not send your case..

Send to:
Joss Cues, Ltd.
8743R Mylander Lane
Towson, MD 21286

Shafts                 $190.00

HP Shafts          $290.00

Clean and
Repress wrap    $ 25.00

Irish Linen         $ 75.00

Leather Wrap   $150.00

Ferrule & Tip    $ 85.00

Refinish Butt    $ 115.00

French Leather tip   $ 25.00

Refinish shaft            $ 30.00

Re-taper shaft           $ 45.00

Stain Butt                  $ 50.00

Butt Plate                  $115.00

Bumper                     $     5.00

Name engraved        Call

Vintage shaft designs

Vintage dash rings

$70.00 per shaft

Old gold or white letters

$25.00 per shaft

Metal rings

$25.00 per shaft

Radial pin other than Joss

$25.00 per shaft