Joss 10-03


This Joss Cue® features a highly figured Tiger Maple front with a charcoal stain.

The rear is solid ebony with a double row of maple stitches.

A traditional black with white spot Irish linen wrap hand pressed to perfection.

The rear on this cue has an old-style Hoppe butt plate.

All Joss Cues are made in the USA by Dan and his son Stephen.
With over 93 years of combined experience, there is no better cue made today.

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The Joss 10-03 features a high figure curly maple from Canada.
This woods pattern ripples to create a three-dimensional effect.
Curly is also known as fiddle-back because of its use in violins.

The curly maple goes through a selection process that involves grading the density and quality of grain.
As a result, we only use wood that meets our standards for creating exceptional cues.

The front is a solid curly maple that has been stained smoke gray.
This stain has been hand-rubbed to intensify and enhance the incredible grain.

The ebony black and the double row of traditional maple stitch inlays in the rear create a memorizing, high contrast, pattern.

All of the master cue makers have used Irish linen as the wrap of choice.
It has been a tradition as well as a standard of craftsmanship.
From the start, Joss Cues has offered Irish Linen to its clients.

We hand-press, to perfection, traditional black with white spot Irish linen wrap, which delivers a superior feel and excellent durability.

We hand polish the stainless steel joints to a mirror finish.

All Joss Cues are laser engraved with a unique serial number and recorded in a database.

When you receive your pool cue, please fill out the registration form, and we will add your name to the serial number database.

Joss 10-03  features a full core that runs from the butt plate to the joint.
Among the many benefits of this construction is warpage resistance.
The core also delivers a one-piece feel and a superior hit.
The center core makes Joss the most solid playing cue in the industry.

All of the Joss Cues® are made in the USA by Dan and his son, Stephen.
Stephen has been working with Dan, an American Cue Maker Association Hall of Fame recipient, for over forty years.
Stephen was named cue maker of the year by the American cue makers association.
These Master craftsmen have over 93 years of combined experience, and there is no better cue made today.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 2 × 2 in