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Well here we are back to work to order Tramadol online.

Had a great holiday talked to quite a few old friends and made a few new ones.
But my blog suffered during the holidays. Not much chance to take pictures or write about cue making. I should be able to post some new pictures of cues in the works next week.

Champagne Eddie Kelly

Champagne Eddie Kelly

One of the cues I’m working on now is for an old friend of mine Champagne Eddie Kelly.
Kelly at times has been one of the best players in the world. You might want to Google him … very interesting person. He won the One Pocket division in Johnston City in 1966 and went on to claim many titles in all games after that.
Kelly was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2003 and The One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2005
Kelly came out of retirement to win Grady Mathews World One Pocket Tournament in 1993.

Kelly has been working in the casinos in Vegas for many years and has just retired. Starting to play pool again and may be doing some lessons in One Pocket in the near future. When he starts I’ll let everybody know.

He might have that little extra edge for you that you have been looking for.
If this interests you drop me a line and I’ll put you together with him.
The lessons will be done in Vegas and be one on one only.

For those of you interested in what kind of cue great players’ use, his cue will be 59″ 19.5 oz with a 13 mm and a 12.75 mm shafts.
I’ll post a picture of his cue when completed. As you can imagine a player with the name “Champagne Eddie Kelly” will have a cue a bit on the fancy side.
Kelly has a great many pool stories and I’ll try to post a few of them in the future.
I’ll be back working on cues next week … thanks for your patience.