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Joss-Logo-4-goldI’m asked this question quite a bit by telephone.
People that pick their cue up or have repair work done can hear the machines running in the background so they don’t ask.

We have been making cues since a little before 1968.
I use 1968 as our official starting date because that’s when we opened a bank account.
That’s when we felt that we were a “real” business. We could actually write a check to pay our bills instead of buying a money tramadol order.


The address was:
1033 W 40th street
Baltimore, MD
My first shop was a three car garage with an office about the size of a closet

….. it was heaven.

1st Joss Cues shop

We had so many friends that were super star pool players and they all played with our cues.
It was like having Tiger Woods in his prime play with your equipment.
Just couldn’t make cues fast enough.

How times have changed in the last fifty years.

I had blonde hair and could see a fly spot on the wall across the room.
Now I have white hair and can’t tell if it’s a fly or hunk of glue on the wall across the room.

Lucky for me I have a son that has eyes like an eagle and we work together.

In 1975 we ran out of room and had to move to a larger place 1,800 sq feet in Towson, MD.
It seemed like a big place at the time but looking back it wasn’t all that big.

Birds eye view of Joss Cues
Welcome to Joss Cues

We are still in Towson MD. And still can’t make cues fast enough.

There are three of us in the shop and Debbie runs all the office stuff.

I’m asked all the time for a tour of our shop and at one time I did let a few people in my shop. My insurance agent walked in one day when I had a high school class touring the shop. I thought she was going to faint.

That was our last tour.

Back in the old days we kept pool player hours. The early years were spent making cues all day and get to the pool room at night.
Weekends were harsh.
We are open now from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

We would come to work about noon then work as long as we could and stay up in the pool room most of the night.

Truly a misspent youth.  …. I wish I was young enough to do it again.
All Joss Cues are made here in Towson, MD.

I don’t normally work weekends any more but sometimes the urge hits and I come in to work on a special cue.
I have a couple of these in the works right now and I only work on them weekends.

One is a very unique cue for a very unique guy in Texas. When complete I’ll post a picture of it after he has it.

I have another one for a friend in KY that is special mostly because the wood in it is spectacular.
I’ll post this one when complete as well.

Cue Serial number

All Joss Cues have a serial number on the joint.

I started serial numbers in 1998 and I can ID most cues (not all) made from 1998 on.

The shafts on most Joss Cues will interchange from cue to cue.
I have tried to keep the joint size the same and use the same 5/6x14 pin since 1968 so if you have an older cue you should be able to just order a shaft from my web site and it will fit.

If you have any questions about my cues or your cue send me an email from my website.E-mail

I suggest not Face book. I’m not real good with FB so it may take awhile to be answered.

But …. Remember I’m 76 years old and if you want to send me a picture of your cue there is a good chance I won’t remember it I’ve been making cues a long time.

Your first stop should be my Cue Archives ….


I’ve been a little slow with my blog posting but I should be able to keep up a little better this summer.