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Summer time ….

This used to be the time all pool players dreaded.
Pool seemed to come to a screeching halt.
Not anymore with air conditioned pool rooms and numerous pool leagues, pool just keeps going on and on.
Now is the perfect time to get your cue service work done to order propecia.

How is your linen wrap?

I can press and seal it or replace it and make it a total new feel and look.

Quick turnaround for this.

A complete makeover?

Do you have an older cue and would like a complete makeover?
Send it to me I’ll give you a quote before I start work.


New tips?
I have a new tip that has the perfect hit.
Not hard and not mushy soft but just right.
The Joss Premium layered tip.
This new tip holds chalk better and grips the cue ball just right.  OR Kamui, Champion, WB, Le Pro …. Or,or

Let us help you choose the correct tip.

Starting to hear that little annoying little “tink” when you hit the ball?
Maybe your ferrule is loose or more likely it’s just a loose tip.
Send your shaft in I’ll do a new tip or ferrule and tip, let me figure out what needs to be done.

Have a cracked butt plate?
Turnaround time to replace the old butt plate is about a week after I have the cue.

Time to refinish your shaft?
Get rid of all the little dings and dents that seem to just appear. When I’m through your shaft will be silky smooth. I’ll apply a hard coat that will keep it new looking for a year or longer.


For shipping your cue UPS or the post office offer a triangle shaped shipping box.
They are strong and will protect your cue.

Tri Tube

Tri Tube

Wrap your cue in some bubble wrap or just news paper and send it to me.
Be sure to insure your cue. Include a note so I have your return address, telephone number and an email address.




I’ll take care of it and get it on the way back to you quickly.
Let’s get this done now, so we can be ready for the next game!



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