410-821-0064 info@josscues.com

It’s great!
I love it.
It plays so smooth.
Great balance and beautiful too!
Thanks very much.

My wife got me
a Thor Hammer for Christmas as I had expressed a desire for a new
Break Cue.
All I can say is WOW, it far exceeded my expectations.
Thank you, yet again, for a superb product.
As with all my other
purchases from Joss this one lives up to your reputation as one of the
best in the business. Sincerely, Bill


I received the pool cue you refinished today. Super workmanship. You are a world class craftsman. I just love it. And I do thank you for it and I thank you for all the things that you, l do believe you are certainly the best of the best.



The cue was perfect. I appreciate the way you do business and I only regret not being with you in your younger days playing pool. I would have loved to travel in the company of some of the world class people and players you’ve been around.


Dave Coleman wrote:
Hey Dan. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you since I received the cue but I have been busy at the table with it! I really appreciate all your time and dedication to the craft and am super excited to have the cue back and be playing with it.
I love the tip and am glad you thought of it…I’ll probably be ordering another shaft for it to have on hand in the next couple months so I’ll let you know when I’m ready for that.
My first BCA match went good last night…3-2 but should have been 4-1 except for these 7′ diamond tables are tough and can hang even a nice slow roll.
Thanks again for all your time…patience and story telling.
If my house sale goes through the way I expect I’m thinking of looking into one of those sharp point custom jobs. Probable in an orange,black and grey San Francisco Giants theme but that’s a whole other story.


Once again I am writing to thank you and your family for making my latest JOSS cue a possibility for me. I fell in love with the 0813-H1 model cue the moment that I saw it in your shop.
The craftsmanship is truly a unique work of art. I went straight from your shop to join my friends for a little Eight Ball. Needless to say the cue plays as good as it looks. When not in use, I will be proudly displaying my latest JOSS cue in the rack next to my other JOSS cues, to include “The Deacon”.
You certainly deserve the recognition you have received as a World Class Cue Maker.
Thank You!


I have tried the new tip for the past several weeks.

I have used Master’s Chalk, Balabushuka Chalk and other “house chalk” at different locations and on different size tables. I found the tip held the chalk very well without losing its integrity.
The tip was scuffed under normal use and kept its shape and gripping ability. The smoothness of the cue when it struck the ball and the consistency of this tip have made me more confident in taking shots that require more ball control.
I would highly recommend this tip and look forward to using it on both of my cues.
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to try this new tip.

Scott Bruno

I received my packages yesterday and I must say the cue is magnificent!
You are a true artist/craftsman and I can’t express how grateful I am that you understood my dilemma and undertook the project.

A sincere thank you as I am very proud to own one of your cues.

Thank you again,

To the GREAT TEAM!!!!
at Joss cues.
I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU!!
The cue you made for me is in one word AWESOME!! I took it right out to a tournament this weekend and got comment after comment about how great it looked.
That aside, from an even more important stand point was the fact that the hit is unbelievable. I didn’t think there would be that much difference from my older cue but WOW!
I was able to do things without any effort at all.
Thank you so much.
You have a lifetime customer here.


I picked up the cue, yesterday, that was made for me. I must say,

it’s PERFECT!!!
I cannot believe the craftsmanship; the finished product is like nothing I have ever seen before and the points are absolutely stunning!!

Once I’m home later tonight I will be leaving a great testimonial on your web page.

Thank you so much for everything; from customer service to the finished product.

It was a pleasure purchasing from you and your family at JOSS cues, and I will most definitely be playing with a JOSS for the rest of my life.

It’s hit is like nothing I ever dreamt about.

just beautiful cues..

Karen’s and mine came out so great.. love the 6 points, the colors (especially like the touch of the mother of pearl really finishes it off beautifully), the workmanship, and the wood you picked out for them.. I can’t find the seam in the wrap either and it’s feels great… of course it shoots great (I’ve spent a number of hours with it already Karen tried hers for an hour as well pretty unusual for her to practice except on Thursday nights)..

The Grand kid’s cues will go over great.. I assume that was no accident that Violet’s cue is purple-like… the engraving is great and love the 2 piece thing…

they shoot well too..

I tried them.. I really think they’ll love these cues when they grow up and have kids.. good memories about pool balls, tables, etc as they were growing up..

thanks so much..


Hi Debbie,

My name is Bill.  I received an e mail from UPS.  Apparently the Cues are ready and being shipped.
Wow, if this is true it is a very pleasant surprise as Dan had told me probably not till near the end of April.
I would like to thank you and Dan for the absolutely excellent customer service.
Joss has been a fantastic Company to deal with.

Tell Dan I said thank you also.  No need to thank me, I have ordered from you guys before, though it was a few years ago, and I got the same excellent service.

Joss Cues is the epitome of what all businesses should strive to emulate.

Thank You

Bill Ford

Dear Dan,
This Cue is one of the greatest  investments I have made, the beauty and elegance of the theme of music I can’t describe.  Deb, Stephen, and Dan what a great job in the time and effort to make this one of a kind for me, and my family to enjoy.


Fast Tom


Dan, Stephen and Deb,

Before the day got started wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you all for my latest and greatest JOSS Cue. Not only does it live up to and exceed all expectations, it hits like a dream! As you know there are a number of custom cues in my collection, from various known cue makers. By far, the JOSS Cues in the collection look and play the best and are the only ones that my pool cronies have said: “let me know if you ever want to sell that cue”. Now if my game lived up to the new JOSS cue, suspect I would be on the Senior Tour.

Thanks to you all!


Hello Dan,

A few weeks ago I called your shop about turning a shaft down on a used Joss cue someone was selling.
When You answered Your own shop phone, I knew I had found something that`s been lost. “Customer Service”! You talked to me about what I was doing, and said you would e-mail me back. You did, and we talked some more on the phone. I’ve purchased the same cue (JOS01) I did more than 15 years ago.
Thank You for your time and interest in what people need. (All of the Janes Family) I look forward to talking to you soon Dan, about a shaft. And I have a “Great” Testimonial about My first JOS01 coming soon.
You are truly an American Artist!

Paul Hudson

Dear Dan:

I couldn’t be happier with my new 10-09 cue!
The antique natural wrap with green specks really gives it a classic look, and it plays as great as it looks. This is easily the best cue I have ever used.
It is my first Joss, but certainly will not be my last. In fact, I already have a couple more in mind.
Thanks again for your help and advice – you definitely pointed me in the right direction on this one.


Danny Shurden

Dan and Debbie,

I received the cue today that you restored the original markings on.
It turned out great!
You have exceeded my expectations again. I like the wrap as well. It has a vintage look to it. I appreciate the work and skill you posses. The customer service is wonderful also. I appreciate dealing with good people like you.
It is good to know that when I send something in for work that it is in good hands.
Timely, top notch work and great communication.
Thanks for all that you do.

Best regards,

Scott Robertson

Dear Debby:

The cue had quite the impact during the remainder of my BCA tournaments.
I noticed a huge improvement in my game going from the 13 mm tip, to the 12.75 mm. It’s surprising how much a small difference can make.
You are very welcome for the card, I figured it was the least I could do for people who put that much time and effort into something that I love. I already have my eye on another one, so you will be hearing from me soon enough.
The pleasure was all mine.
Take care of yourselves!

-Daniel Corey

Good Lord, Dan…

I didn’t expect a personal response.
That is very impressive and quite unusual in a time when a computer answers the telephone and tells you to press 1 for English…you, your company and your cues are everything they are reputed to be…the very best.
Best wishes for your continued dedication and success. ..


After searching for a long while for my next cue without any luck, a very knowledgeable & trusted friend of mine gave me some tips on what to look for in a cue as well how & where to shop for one.
I have played with many high end cues since I started shooting & liked many to some degree, but was never sold on a particular cue maker, so he suggested I take a look around at your website because he was a big fan and thought I might find something to my taste.
I took the advice and found the AV02, a simple yet elegant design that caught my eye immediately & kept me going back to it until I couldn’t take it anymore.
When I called your office to order, Dan spoke with me about not only that particular cue, but also what I need in a cue and he made some suggestions that made sense.
When my cue arrived I was amazed at it’s beauty and quality and after shooting with it for a while I can honestly tell you this is the best cue I have ever shot with.
I get compliment s on this cue all the time, especially after someone shoots with it. Great thanks to all at Joss for your professionalism, hospitality and fantastic quality cues.
I’m a new loyal customer of Joss….



I showed your master piece to my wife Trudy . It blew her away too. She said the points are mesmerizing which I agree. Kudos to your son.
Trudy has seen a lot of fancy cues in her life with me and agrees this one is right at the top.
Your my new idol as a cue maker and I respect your opinion a lot.

Thanks to all,


Dan, Stephen and Debbie,

I just received the cue I ordered at the SBE back in March. The 5 point ivory joint 60″ cue with the old style derlin buttcap.
It turned out great.
The curly maple forearm is stunning.  Kind of has a quilted maple look to it.  Glad I went with the old school dark stain.  It really brings out the figure in the forearm.
Fantastic!!  (I am really kind of speechless.)



HI Dan,

First of all I want to thank you for the Case and Break Cue. That was so nice of you. And the Cue, well let’s just say when I pulled it out of the case, I was thinking of keeping it for myself. It’s beautiful.
I gave the cue to John last night at the Moose lodge in front of everyone.
Yes, it brought some tears to his eyes. He shot pool the way he use to. I know that his pool game will change.
All he wanted to do was come home and look at his cue. He was like a little kid with a new toy. He really does love the cue.
He is just so amaze with the craftsmanship of the cue. John said that the picture does not do this cue justice. And what is funny, before I gave him the cue, he was telling someone about this cue and told him that on Monday he was going to order it. That he wanted this cue!!
I hope to be sending you pictures of John with the cue very shortly. And I know that John will be calling you to tell you about his cue. I also hope to be talking to you about a cue for myself. I really do need a new one. Mine, it reminds me of a man’s cue. I have a few ideas in mind of what I would like.
Thank you again for the beautiful case and break cue. And of course Thank You for making a cue that means so much to John. John said that when he held in his hand, he knew. The cue just felt so comfortable, like it was home. I know that both John and I will be talking to you very soon.

Thank You Again

Fast Rubee

Dear Dan:

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service and professionalism you gave my wife Rubee with regards to my new cue. I had all I could do not to cry when she gave it to me. I was playing in a tournament and when I was called up to play, I couldn’t find my old cue. Rubee put the new cue in my old case and told me I had broken my old cue down. When I opened my old case and found my new cue I was shocked. Then she presented me with the new case and break stick. She did all this in front of everyone at the tournament. When my phillippi was stolen my game went to hell. I know it sounds funny but I loved that cue. I had it 19 years. So I went shopping with Phillippi and just couldn’t find anything that hit me. I had a Joss west in the 70’s and that was stolen. So I went to your web site and when I saw this cue it was love at first sight. What a masterful job you did building my cue, I’m like a kid playing again. I ran my first rack and felt like a champion. I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a beautiful work of art my cue is. I will tell and show all my player friends about Joss. I think we have a mutual friend, Jack Sweeney he was there when I got the cue. Rubee told me how graciously you treated her. We will be calling you in the near future to build a cue for her.


John Zilba


First allow me to say that  purchasing my new Joss cue was a very cool experience and that was mainly because of you guys. I came out of your place with confidence that I had made a excellent choice and a one of a kind purchase. You took the time to help us understand what goes into a high quality cue such as a Joss cue and also helped me with the hard choice of which cue I wanted. My cousin Curtis and I played with those cues that same evening and were pleasantly surprised at how they felt in your hand and how consistent our game was. I am bragging to everyone I talk to about the cue and its quality not to mention its beauty and everyone who has seen it so far is speechless with how nice it is.

Thanks again,

John P Bennett Jr

Dan, Debbie, Stephen, and staff,

My custom is frickin AWESOME!!!! It’s exactly what I was looking for and so much more. The colors, inlay, and silver ring and joint r perfect!! I have had it out of the case most of the weekend staring at it. You all do such an awesome job that I feel honored to have one of your cues. I entered a 3 man tournament this past weekend with 40 teams. We got second and my wife says its because of my new cue. Within the first hour of the tournament during our first match I had 4 people ask me what kind of cue I had. Throughout the tourney I bet 20-30 people looked at my cue and all said it was the most beautiful cue they have ever seen. It was being talked about non stop. Many commented on how it “felt” so good and balanced. So job well done. I’m not sure how u guys knew what kind of break cue I was looking for but that is the exact one I was looking at during your holiday sale. Thank you so much for everything! (case, joint caps, cue etc.) I will continue to promote your cues wherever I go and “show” Them the kind of quality top notch cues you make! You have gone above and beyond all my expectations for my custom as well as your customer service. Thank you to all very much!!!!


Tom Joss

Dear Ms. Janes:

I would like to take this time to personally thank you for assisting me with my recent purchase of a Joss cue. The cue you assisted me with is my second Joss. I requested a cue with a maple stain and without any type of wrapping. You discussed with me the options that were available, and assisted me with my final choice. During the entire ordering process, you were very polite and extremely professional. I should add that you were also very patient with me, as I was anxious, checking several times on the progress of my cue. Upon receipt of my Joss, I was completely satisfied with the appearance. The finish was very smooth and highly polished. Upon playing with the cue, I realized again the unique and outstanding quality of a Joss cue. The cue was perfectly balanced, weighted according to my request, and has a smooth solid hit and stroke. I am very well pleased with my second Joss, and have recommended Joss cues to all of my friends. Amanda, thank you again for your time, patience, consideration, and understanding. You were a pleasure to deal with and to talk to.

Sincerely yours,

Gerard M S Very Satisfied Joss Customer

Just wanted to send a “Thank You” for the beautiful cue. I wasn’t expecting it until Mid January and received it a week before Christmas! What a wonderful surprise! The computer doesn’t do it justice. I checked a number of cues before designing the Joss I finally decided on. I didn’t want a cue that anyone else was likely to have. I love the cue and would recommend your company to anyone.

Thanks again,


Hi all, Just received my cue! I am speechless!! A break cue really!  I absolutely love my custom as well as break cue. When I can figure out how to put my gratitude into words I will get back to you, but for now thank you it ’s AWESOME!! It’s just what I wanted. “Give people a little more than what they expect and they will come back to you every time”  You exceeded that.  Talk to you as soon as I can concentrate on this and not staring at my cue!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Sirs,

In my life I have made many decisions, some good and some bad. The choice to purchase a Joss pool cue is fast proving itself to be one of the best ever. The appearance and craftsmanship is both pleasing and flawless, and even match to how well the stick shoots. Of all the sticks that I tried, not one had a feel that even came close. I don’t know if its an increase in my confidence, or your craftsmanship, but every time I pick it up it feels better and I shoot better. An old friend once told me “give people just little more than they expect and they will come back to you every time” you have accomplished just that. I expected a good stick, I got one that far exceeds good. I will recommend you every chance I get.

Yours truly,


Dear Dan Congratulations!

What an excellent job on a custom crafted cue being “One-of-a-kind”, especially being personally hand crafted by one of the well renown creators in the game of Billiards. To have an international reputable name brand such s a Joss Cue certified authentically as Model #”Aton Special” is another  reason for being so greatly gratifying. Please share with your son, Stephen and rest of the staff of the Joss Cue Ltd. Company my utmost sincere appreciation for a job well done. Whenever I would call to inquire about the status of my cue, everyone was so pleasant and professional. They all would say how beautiful the cue is and I wholeheartedly agree. I am very pleased. It appears you are a true artist in every form of the word. Each time I would examine your craftsmanship, I appreciate it more and more, as I am realizing all of the hours spent. All of the details are so precise. I am impress with your creativity of how you had the design so complexed and yet so conforming. I am truly amazed and so are all of my friends. Another factor, which is just as significant, is the feeling and precision I am getting from the cue’s performance. It’s more than exactly what I was expecting, as I am executing a larger variation of shots. Furthermore, the grip of the cue is THINNER. The balance of the cue is all so perfect.

Needless to say, I am so very pleased.

Thank you very much!

EA, Jr.


I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for the work you did & the extra shaft. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. The cue looks great, looks new and old at the same time. Classic is probably a better word. Also thanks for the brown bumper, the perfect touch. Your customer service is unmatched and one of the reasons I am such a fan of Joss Cues. So again

Thank you.


Dear Dan Janes, Stephen and your wonderful staff-

Congratulations! You have completed a perfect mission. Accomplished is literally every single detail of my custom cue as desired. My cue is considerably thinner than the normal standard size, making it extremely comfortable. Yet, you have not sacrificed anything to still maintain the stability and solidness. Every specification is so precise. The balance of the cue is exactly condusive to my needs. Both of the shafts are obviously made with careful attention to support a very rigid, stiff hit. The Birdseye-Maple pieces for the forearm and sleeve have been well selected. The 16 prongs (points) of Snakewood encased in Ebony are all done to perfection. They are aligned in perfect harmony with each other. Every prong (point) is precisely identical in length and width, which presents incomparable uniformity and consistency. The Snakewood points are very distinctive. The Grenadillo centerpiece is another facet that enhances the beauty of it all. I had requested for a very basic custom cue, and you have done everything to satisfy me. As a matter of fact, you have exceeded my expectations by creating a flawless gem. It’s absolutely a masterful piece of art created personally by the best cue-maker in my opinion. Your craftsmanship is “Excellent”; a true characteristic of your Joss company. I am very proud to have a masterpiece hand-made by a reknown legend. I am extremely pleased and happy with my one-of-a-kind Joss custom cue which I personally consider as “ULTIMAX”.

Thank you very much!

EA Jr. Honolulu, Hawaii


I received my weight kit today, as scheduled. I am, once again, delighted with Joss cues and products. The quality is without peer and, in the case of the weight kit, the clarity and simplicity of the instructions is a breath of fresh air in this age of translated and convoluted directions. I will try my “new” cue tomorrow.

Thanks very much,



I received my cue yesterday and it is wonderful. The beauty of it the way it feels and shoots is remarkable. The wonderful workmanship is evident and it is what Joss stands for.

Thank you,



My new cue plays and looks excellent thank you very much. I will be sure to spread the word on how good your quality and customer service are.

thanks again,



Dude, you are awesome. Can’t believe youu respond. I am in a third world country and we don’t get service like this. Anyway, looked at all of these and none are the same. I will send some pictures soon to show you what i have. I can’t now as i am playing in Gauteng. Sa. I am sure you are a little curious???



How are you, I just had a couple things I wanted to share with you, I have a total of 10 joss cues now!! I picked up 2 more!! 🙂 ! I also have given 4 of them to my friends and teammates and have converted them to playing with Joss’!! The best thing is we are going again to nationals out in Vegas for the APA league!!!!! This is my team’s second trip in 2 years! We did it back to back and everyone on team is playing with a joss, except my one friend, who plays with a Schon his dad gave him when he was a kid!! I will convert him also!!! Ha. Anyway I’m thinking of sending one cue back to you to have a different color wrap put on! Was just wondering on turnaround time for that! Also, I want to buy some joss, polo, or t-shirts for my team to represent the finest pool cue available!! Do you guys have shirts or polos? Thanks in advance, and thank you for all the work everyone does there for making beautiful cues!!!!

Trent Stanley

Dan & family,

after spending a few hours playing with my new shaft I want to say that in 40 years of playing 20 years with your products this is the finest hitting shaft I have ever played with. The workmanship is outstanding & unsurpassed in the pool cue industry.

Thank you

Ben hacker

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to express a big “thank you” to you, Stephen, Debbie, and staff. When I opened the tube box, let me tell you, I felt like a little kid celebrating Christmas! I barely recognize the cue butt and shaft and it appears that you worked your magic and restored it to its natural, pristine beauty. I am truly amazed and it feels like a brand new cue! I appreciate you sending me the new joint cap and the special polish cloth. Although we have not met in person or have spoken on the phone, I can honestly say that you have a loyal customer and friend in me. I hope it was a joy for you to handle one of our finest masterpieces. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, dedication, and service.


Harrison J. Chu


I received the shaft today, screws on and looks like it was made together originally, very pleased with the result, can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for your help.

Mike Chmiel

Mr. Janes ,

I received my cue yesterday and I am impressed. The cue is balanced and plays great. I have been in the veneer business for close to 30 years and I admire your craftsmanship. Your idea for the grip was more than I expected. What wood did you use for the butt of the cue? It has a light color in the grain that gives the butt a smoky look which I find unique. Please feel free to deduct the remaining balance from my card today. I see no need to wait on your part. Thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful cue purchasing experience.

Jim Pond


We are so excited about the cue. You were right the pictures and website do not do it justice. It is a beautiful, beautiful cue. We could not be happier. It shoots like a dream. Thank you so much. You and your staff are awesome.

Thanks again

Karen and Jerry


The Break Cue you made for me is AWESOME. I got my break back. Thank you. My Daughter loves her stick also.




I’m experiencing that new cue syndrome, where I can’t miss! Give me a few hours and I’m sure I’ll be back to normal! ;>)

Bob Johnson, Denver, Co.

Dan and Amanda,

I received the new cue about an hour ago, and its drop dead perfect! The fit and finish is flawless, and it’s the precise specs I asked for!

Thank you!

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great service and a wonderful cue. I have wanted to upgrade to a nicer cue for quite some time and had explored many options. After visiting your sight several times I finally decided on a cue from your custom line with six “true” points. I am very pleased with the quality and attention to detail! The tip upgrade on the extra shaft was a nice touch and I will be more than happy to do business with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Nick Mancuso


Bought on Saturday Won on Monday team captain said I should use my old cue as I would need time to adjust but I was so confident in my new cue. He’s now afraid my handicap is going to go sky high. Thanks for all your help at the Super Billiards Expo with all the cues there I know I made the right choice in selecting my Joss.


Dan, Stephen, Debbie,

Hope everyone is doing great! Just thought i would drop a quick message as the Wisconsin BCA Championships ended Feb 26. So I’m into my first singles match Thurs evening and a guy sitting next to me said “excuse me but what kind of cue is that?” I said Joss and he said that it was the nicest looking cue he’s ever seen. He said obviously there are a lot of nice cues here but some have too much inlay and look overcrowded and some don’t have any but yours is just right and the colors are awesome!!! Then just as i finished my opponent off (lol) another guy came over and said i saw the colors in your cue from across the room and had to come over and see it up close and find out who made it! Those were two of a bunch of comments i got on my cue. Just thought you might like to hear how much people love your work and no one more than me! Thanks again for my cue which I love, and which all my pool buddies and partners always say “damn tom that’s a sweet ass looking cue!!! LOL

Take care and thanks again!


Dear Mr. Janes,

I just received my custom cue. Thank you so much for the quick delivery an keeping in contact with me. It is everything i want and the picture absolutely does it no justice!!!! Absolutely gorgeous cue!!!!!

Thank you again for your patience and my cue!!! Isaac


Thanks! Not many places give me personal attention like you and Joss.



I will check it out, thanks for the great customer service! Thanks for replying so fast guess you guys are as good as they say, upon further inspection with a loop it is a pretty clear lightly etched or engraved JOSS 06536.

Joss Cues,

you know… I was thinking over the weekend that it would have been nice if you signed the stick. I guess it’s because I enjoyed talking with you and feel like I got to know you… made a new friend.


The cue stick was a hit. It looks beautiful and he loved it. We spent a couple of hours last night playing pool (actually Duane was teaching me). Lots of fun!

Thank you again for all your help,


Dear Mr. Janes ,

I received the cue today. The work you did on butt plate is perfect. And you make me surprised again with so many gifts; extra tips and screws, The image of a carton of tip, a brand-new joint protectors and a certificate of Hall Of Fame with your signature. The historic Champion Tips sound so fine. I will play with them immediately. Thank you very much.

With best wishes for Merry Christmas,


Dear Mr. Janes:

I just wanted to compliment you, and thank you, for providing me with another fine quality Joss cue. I was in the market for another Joss, without a wrap. I called you on the telephone and discussed same. Within the hour I was at your establishment ready to purchase my sixth Joss cue. I have retained three o f my Joss cues, and three I have given to very dear friends of mine, because they kept trying to take my Joss cues. My friends recognized, as I do, the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of your cues. My contact with you was my first personal meeting with you. I found you to be very fiiendly, courteous, and knowledgeable regarding your chosen field as a cuemaker. We spoke extensively about the game of pool, the Color of Money movie, and general billiard history and facts. You adjusted my new Joss to the exact weight, and shaft size that I desired. You even adjusted the weight and shaft size on one of my older Joss cues. I greatly enjoyed speaking with you. Plain and Simple. Y O U are a credit to the billiard and cue making industry. Y O U produce and excellent product that is 2nd to none, and I mean 2nd to none. YOU are a true professional, and I am glad I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting you and conversing with you. Joss cues are addictive. I am sure I w i l l be purchasing another Joss in the fiiture. I recommend to all o f my friends, ~ “If you want to play pool, and you want an outstanding cue. Then simply look no further than Joss.”

I salute you, and I thank you.

Hello Everyone at Joss Cues,

I was sent an email about a new set of cues that were going to be put in the line up of Joss Cues soon. I received my cue on Friday, I ordered the 12-2108. It arrived, I pulled it out of the box and realized that the pic. on-line was nowhere near as beautiful as this cue really is. I have never seen curly maple as figured as what this cue is made with. The color of the Purple-heart most definitely reminds me of a nice frozen Popsicle on a hot summer day. I went with a friend to play for a couple hours before work, and it seems that this cue doesn’t know how to do anything accept make balls. I just wanted to thank Dan and everyone at Joss for such a great “American Made” Cue, and I Must say this is the least expensive but absolutely the best quality cue that I have ever owned. So thanks, You Definitely have a customer for life.

Greg Jackson


This is my first Joss cue.

My confidence level doubled, I swear!

All I know is I wish I have had found this cue earlier in my pool playing experience. I simply can’t imagine a cue feeling better in my hands.


Eddie Park