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Before I go much farther let me mention a few other cues makers that have contributed big time to the finding of the “prefect” cue.
This hasn’t been done yet but we all keep working on it.
A couple of these guys were before me and two were right alongside me in this cue making thing.

George Balabushka

George Balabushka
ACA Hall of Fame February, 1993

The first one is ….
George Balabushka of Brooklyn, NY

Great cue maker and started a lot of new things for the time that are continued through today


Frank Paradise

Then there is the guy that started all of us thinking we could make a living making cues. …. Frank Paradise from Elizabeth NJ

He made a cue called “Eddie Taylor Special” and sold it for $52.50!  Unheard of price at the time. Nobody would pay that much for a cue. He had more orders than he could handle.  Frank was also an innovator and created techniques and styles that are still used today. He had marketing skills and was a good pool player for his time.

He originally drove a bus (Greyhound type) and drove around doing a little pool playing and started taking orders for cues.

The rest is history

Frank Paradise

Frank Paradise
ACA Hall of Fame
June, 1998

Gus Szamboti

Gus Szamboti
ACA Hall of Fame
March, 1997

Gus Szamboti

The next was one of the best cue makers of all time and was a good friend of mine.
His son Barry Szamboti is still carrying on the cue making for his dad
Gus Szamboti from Philadelphia PA.
Gus and I started in about the same time frame within a year or two and we became very good friends as we compared notes along the way.  Gus passed away in 1988 at the age of 57.

Tim Scruggs
Next photo is also a good friend and top cue maker (retired). Tim and I were hanging around the same pool rooms in around Baltimore in the 1960s. Lots of action here at that time and I could even see without glasses.
We had a great time together.
Might even have won a few dollars while roaming the streets.
Tim and I worked together for a few years and he went on his own to become a well-known cue maker with his partner Mike Cochran.

Mike Cochran and Tim Scruggs

Mike Cochran and Tim Scruggs

This was just a little walk down memory lane for me. I thought you may like to see some of the people that have influenced Joss Cues through the years.
I’ll be back to the business of cue making in the next segment of the Joss Cues Blog.
Look for my next post about Wednesday 11/12/14
Thanks for sticking around.