Joss Cues Warranty

Joss Cues® 
    Any new or used cue purchased from any individual or company, (either in person or on the Internet), who is not sanctioned as an authorized dealer of Joss Cues® LTD., will not have access to direct Joss warranty. 

These cues will have to be sent directly back to the point of purchase.     
Warranty for Joss Cues® 
Joss Cues® is created from the finest materials available. The work is done by some of the finest craftsmen in the billiard industry. We are very proud of our cues and inspect each cue during the work process and a final inspection is performed before each cue is packaged for shipment. 
Joss Cues® warrants to the original purchaser that its cues are free from defects in material and workmanship; we shall repair or replace the cue at our discretion. 
All parts of the Joss Cue® are covered by the warranty but excludes warpage and normal wear on replaceable parts such as the tip, ferrule, finish, wrap and bumper. 
In the unlikely event you discover a flaw in your cue or should it become damaged, do not attempt to repair your cue. Contact your dealer or contact Joss Cues® direct for instructions. Joss Cues® covered by warranty will be repaired or replaced without charge. 
This warranty is void if your Joss cue has after-market products or has been subjected to mishandling, misuse, abuse, repair or altered by an entity other than Joss Cues® LTD. 
The warranty applies to Joss Cues® belonging to the ORIGINAL owner and is nontransferable. 
Joss Cues® will resolve all warranty claims at its discretion. 
Joss Cues® are NOT warranted against breakage or warpage. 
We have no control over how the cue is used or the environment in which the cue is stored, we assume NO responsibility for warpage, breakage or any type of water damage. 
All Joss Cues® leave the shop straight and in new condition. When you receive or buy your cue inspect it thoroughly. If you chalk and use your Joss Cue this is a sign of acceptance of the cue in the condition in which it was received. 
You are responsible for all incoming and outgoing shipping cost. 
Make sure that you include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your shipping address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Instructions for your repair
  • Copy of your original receipt of sale if warranty repair.
  • We can not guarantee that any repair issues will be covered under warranty; we will gladly inspect your cue and make a determination.