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Model # tour 2017-18


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Joss model 2015-16-C26

This cue gets a free set of caps!

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Cue description

Tour 2017-18

This very traditional fancy design has been around for many years. We upped the difficulty by making this cue with five multi color points. These same points are mirrored  in the rear giving the cue an intricate look while maintaining the traditional flair.

With a stainless steel joint that has been polished to a mirror finish and the hand pressed Irish linen completes the whole package.

Special Instructions:

The purchase of your Joss Cue® can now be made in Three Easy Payments of $400.00 Payments option not available with PayPal


Tip Information

You have several tip choices. If you are unsure please contact us and we will aid you in your decision.



cue tips are the finest oak leather tips available.
They go through an extensive tanning process and are a preferred choice of professionals.
They is a medium hard general purpose tip good for all games.
It has excellent chalk holding properties

Original Champion

Original Champion

Original Champion
Back in the day this was the only tip Joss put on their cues.
It was the standard of the industry.
It is on the firm side with excellent chalk holding properties.
It is no longer being made so there is a limited supply.
If tradition is what you desire then this is the tip for you.

Joss Premium

Joss Premium

Joss Premium
It is a 10 layer tip made of select pig skin that has been tanned specifically for our premium tip.
The tip comes medium or hard and has excellent abilities to hold a scuff and chalk.
We have been using this tip for several years and it has great customer feedback.



These tips are an exceptional quality. Often compared and preferred over many of the other layered tips.
I’ve heard them compared to the Moori™ tip but are preferred over them.
Available in Medium or Hard. It is an 11 layer tip.
A very nice tip import that has excellent chalk holding properties and it maintains its shape.

Kamui Black

Kamui Black

Kamui Black
Imported from Japan, the Kamui™ layered tip consists of 10 layers of 100% Japanese pig skin leather.
Available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard.
These are a high quality tip and hold their chalk extremely well.

High performance Shaft Option

With the purchase of a new cue it is possible to add the High performance shaft to your order.
By adding the HP option we will exchange the shaft that comes with the cue for a HP shaft.
This shaft would normally cost $290.00 but with this option the cost is only $125.00.

High Performance Natural Shaft

High Performance
Natural Shaft

Each High Performance shaft has a 6 inch light weight core

Each High Performance shaft
has a 6 inch light weight core

phenolic insert

Each shaft has a phenolic insert

All ferrules are glued and screwed

All ferrules are glued and screwed in place for maximum strength.
The standard tip is a Joss laminated tip.

Name engraving information

Your name can be engraved on your cue. It can be done in many locations.

Name on joint

Name on joint

Name on cue

Name on cue

Name on butt plate

Name on butt plate


Joss Payments option

To make your purchasing experience more affordable and convenient Joss Cues® now offers the option of easy installments. And, there is no finance charge. It's really easy. Just select the “deferred payments” option and the cost of your the payments are figured in house on the BASE price of the cue.

Payment for additional items and accessories will be added to the first payment. This option applies only to credit card purchases. At the time of your shipping, we will bill your credit card for the first monthly payment plus your total tax and any applicable shipping and handling fees.

The balance is then automatically billed to your credit card in equal monthly installments starting the same day one month from the day the product was purchased.

* Payments option not available with PayPal *

Multi-payment orders are pending until credit approval via a credit check. Customer support may contact customers for additional information if required.

Any billing questions should be directed to Joss Cues® 410~821~0064