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Custom Cues

The Custom cues are a collection for those who demand the most from their cue.

A place for those who depend on their cue on a day-to-day basis and want to invest in cue to get the job done.

Every cue is made with over eighty years’ experience.

Custom Model OP01

OP01-C1 $650

Custom 02 Model OP04 $750

OP04-C2 $750

Custom03 Model OP05 $

OP05-C3 $850

Model# OP06-c04

OP06-C4 $500

OP07 $500

OP07-C5 $500

OP08 $750

OP08-C6 $750

OP13 $

OP13-C7 $810

OP14 $700

OP14-C8 $700

OP16 $575

OP16-C9 $575