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To continue what I started a few days ago I had left off with how do I get to the next step of making a better cue.

We had created a blank with a solid center and had special screws made. We had decided to figure out a way to assemble cues without using a metal screw.

But how do we put a blank and a handle together end grain of wood to end grain without a screw?

We had to branch out from just the pool gods for the answer.

The answer came from the wedding god.

My wife and I were invited to a wedding and sitting in the church trying to stay very interested I looked at what else but all the different woods that were in this church.

New church and very woody.

There were giant wood beams going up the side and across the top holding the building together. Looking at them made me want to get up and exam them more closely.

When I did what did I discover but finger joints!



Big giant finger joints. No gluing end grain of wood together. Some very smart woodworker had already figured out our problem.

This is the same principle used to make the old time house cues just a different type of finger joint..

This is the same principle used to make the old time house cues just a different type of finger joint. Old is new again. So in the next couple of months I bought a finger joint machine.

It took a lot of convincing (begging) my wife that this machine that cost more than my car would solve all our problems … for life. I don’t think she really believed me. But I have a BIG finger joint machine in my shop now.

Then as the song goes “All went well for a couple of weeks” Actually a few years.

I experimented with all the finger joint adhesive I could find.. Did you notice I have gone beyond “glue” to ADHESIVE? Much more professional don’t you think?

I had special cutters made longer than the suggested standard. In the American way bigger is better. My finger joints were great. By now I have been doing this cue thing for a lifetime. I started in my twenties and now it’s about thirty years later. I have found the ultra- secret to cue making?

Not yet ….

I no longer had to glue end grain of wood to a piece of metal. The problems are all gone.


If I wanted to use a wild piece of cocobolo for a front I was in trouble. Wild cocobolo will go crooked. Not maybe, Not could but will.

Ebony front? Better be a twenty-two ounce cue and by the way it’s going to look like a boomerang if it’s mistreated. Any exotic wood cue had to be cored no getting around this.

This is a fact like the speed of light or water expands when frozen.

But how do I core a cue that I want to finger joint and keep the fingers on center?

Must be a better way ……

Did I mention I have a big finger joint machine back in my shop …. Gathering dust?

I’ll be back in a day or two with my next venture into the “best cue world” Or Forever Onwards.