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In the middle 70’s we decided the old style shorty blank had lived out its time and was not a good blank going forward.
Most cues were threaded together just in front of the wrap and glued with epoxy.

The big problem is that is the weakest part of a shorty blank.

All the veneers came together here and most veneers are made of a soft wood because it will accept the color better. Soft wood equals weak threads.

We were putting cues together about the worst way we could.

The change seemed natural. We made a cue with a solid wood center. We could drill and tap this wood like it was metal. Perfect threads every time.

Now we had something …. Didn’t we?

Blank with a solid wood center

Blank with a solid wood center


Blank with a solid wood center (SIDE VIEW)

Nah …. We still had to glue end grain of wood to end grain of wood.

You wood workers out there know this is a tough way to go. At the same time we were mixing in dissimilar materials like a metal screw, different woods and trying to use the same glue for all of this

I had a special aluminum screw made for this and I still have thousands left.

Special Aluminum Screw

Special Aluminum Screw

The aluminum was a bit rough on the surface and I could glue to it great but when you glue aluminum to oily rosewood it’s a hit or miss proposition.

We had to eliminate something to fix this.. But what?

Did I mention I have thousands of special aluminum screws in boxes in my shop?

I have to stop for now and put on some tips and sand some ebony.

I’ll try to continue with this in a couple of days …

Check back in